Drivers ‘should not use a substitute for tar remover’

Porsche 911 Turbo CabrioletIt is important that motorists only use specifically-designed tar remover on their vehicle and nothing else.

Connor Sullivan, writing on the Ezine Article Directory, said that it is not just tar remover which is irreplaceable but all car exterior cleaning products, as they have been specially formulated to work on the car’s paint without damaging it.

"For tar removal you should only make use of special tar removal sprays which will prevent any caustic response and simply tidy the tar deposits," the writer stated.

Bird droppings are another area where drivers must be careful, with Mr Sullivan warning people not to pick it off as because they are acidic and can bond with the paint.

By trying to pick them off, drivers could end up lifting the paint as well.

It is important that motorists do not fall into the trap of buying cheap car exterior care products in the belief that they are all as good as one another.

According to, many low-cost car exterior cleaning products are not as effective as household names which charge slightly more.

Posted by Matt Casson

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