Drivers ‘should not over-wax their vehicles’

It is important that drivers detail their vehicles and apply car waxes as part of the process but it is important not to overdo it, according to one expert.

Roy Vazquez, head of detailing at the Yucca Valley Chrysler Centre, told the Desert Trail that a thorough detailing job is not something which needs to be done every week but only a handful of times a year.

While two or three times over a 12-month period will suffice, the expert said that the motor should be cleaned once a week no matter what the weather, with car shampoo a product every driver should use.

He went on to add that bug cleaner should be used to get rid of insects, while bird droppings should be cleaned off as soon as possible.

One thing motorists should not do is apply car wax every time they wash their vehicle.

"You don't want to get a big wax build-up on your car," Mr Vazquez added.

Brad Will, from Reflections Auto Salon, said recently that detailing the exterior and interior of a car is just as important as changing the oil.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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