Drivers ‘should blast under the wheel arches with a jet wash’

Motorists can use car polishes, chrome wheel cleaners and car brushes at home to give their vehicle its sparkle back but visiting a jet wash and spraying the underside of the car is something they should bear in mind as well.

According to Roland Head, founder of, one of the biggest causes of corrosion to motors is salt and grit which has been put down on icy roads to make them safer to drive on.

While effective at melting ice, these substances can do serious damage to a vehicle and with 37 per cent of drivers failing to wash their car in the last month, it is crucial action is taken now.

He recommended focusing under the wheel arches and the underside of the car itself, as these areas are particularly vulnerable.

"Using a self-service jet wash enables you to use the jet to thoroughly rinse the underside of the car and the insides of the wheel arches," Mr Head added.

Speaking to, Marcus Bly, owner of Karworkz, said that salt can wreak havoc on the bodywork as well and chip the paint, meaning drivers might want to invest in car shampoo, car waxes and clay bars to protect their bodywork.

Posted by Matt Casson

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