Drivers ‘should avoid cheap car cleaning products’

Motorists may be looking to save money where possible but one area in which they should definitely not scrimp is car care products such as windscreen cleaner.

According to Autoglym, the likelihood is that windscreen cleaner which seems artificially low-priced will more than likely contain such a small amount of anti-freeze that it will freeze at around minus five degrees.

Paul Caller, chief executive officer at the firm, said: "It really pays to use quality de-icer and screenwash products that motorists can be certain will actually perform when they need them."

As well as investing in effective windscreen cleaner, drivers must also make sure they have suitable products in place for use on the bodywork, as the winter can cause serious damage to the paint and undercarriage.

The company recommended using car polish and a quality wax car sealant to protect the paint, while an interior car shampoo should be used to ensure the cabin remains in tip-top condition.

Mike Rutherford, writing for the Daily Telegraph, stated that both glass cleaner and microfiber cloths are essential winter maintenance products.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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