Drivers ‘should always wash their cars by hand’

To get the best finish possible, drivers should invest in car shampoo, car wax and other products and do the job themselves rather than taking them to a car wash.

An entry on Hug Garage stated that choosing the latter option could do more harm than good, as the brushes they employ are not especially kind to the bodywork.

"Use hand washing techniques at all times, car wash bay facilities have the worst brushes on the planet and also do a huge amount of damage to your car's paint surface," the article said.

As well as the aforementioned car exterior care products, motorists should also purchase a wool or microfibre wash mitt, although these should not be used to clean under the door sills or wheels, the source went on to add.

Debbie Murphy, writing for, said recently that car shampoo and wash mitts are two items which drivers should never find themselves without.

Posted by James Robson

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