Drivers offered water saving tips

Drivers hoping to cut down on water bill costs when using car shampoo on their motors could follow the advice of one website. claimed that it is easy to conserve water when washing the car in the driveway by taking care to turn the hose off when it is not in use, as well as setting a time limit for finishing the job.

Those using attachments should also make sure they are fitted properly in order to avoid leakages, which can waste a surprising amount of water, and also use decent car shampoo so a wash isn't needed as often.

"You're wasting your water if you don't dry your car after a wash. Drying your car helps protect against water spots and smudges," the site added.

CarMax recently told drivers to get their car looking good as the summer approaches, ensuring to wash to the undercarriage, wax the chassis and have a technician give the motor a look over.

Posted by James Robson

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