Drivers offered tips to stay safe in rain

Motorists could find it is beneficial to give their vehicle a closer inspection next time they make use of alloy wheel cleaners and car polishes.

According to Simon Elstow, head of training at driver training specialist IAM Drive & Survive, people should take extra care when behind the wheel in heavy rain.

With the weather gradually becoming more wintry, the coming days might be the ideal time to make sure a vehicle is in good condition for the colder months ahead.

Mr Elstow said: "There's nothing quite like getting to your car in the rain. It's a haven from the elements. But be cautious, especially after prolonged dry spells – rain on a dry road is dangerously slippery.

"And think about the people on the pavements – remember it is illegal to splash pedestrians."

IAM Drive & Survive offered a number of tips that it might be worth drivers keeping in mind when it rains, including making sure that their motor is in good working order.

It suggested that windows need to be kept clean, something windscreen cleaner may help with, while lights should also be kept clear.

The organisation advised people to make sure tyres have enough tread and are properly inflated and to check their wipers are working as they should be.

Tying in such checks with a little car cleaning could prove ideal and make it far easier to remember to carry them out on a regular basis.

Gary Palanjian, vice-president of service at Subaru of America, recently encouraged people to start thinking about the changing weather conditions.

He stated that this month "is always a good time" to make sure cars are in the right shape for taking to the road in winter.

His comments came during the Car Care Council's Fall Car Care Month, which Subaru of America is supporting.

Posted by James Robson 

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