Drivers offered tips on scratch removal

Accidentally scratching a car is something most drivers are guilty of but fixing them is not a difficult task provided owners have the correct car polishes, car waxes and car shampoo.

According to Metro Canada, erasing these unsightly blemishes is a straightforward process that begins with cleaning the car and drying it off.

The next step is to sand and reduce the scratch with sand paper followed by buffing it with a rubbing compound which will restore some of the clear coat's shine.

After removing any residual compound, drivers should then apply car scratch remover to an applicator pad and polish the area until the shine is fully restored, the newspaper added.

Finally, car wax should be used to protect the shiny new finish.

Ricochet's Rapid Detail stated recently that the most likely cause of swirls and scratches is poor washing technique, something which can be avoided by using the correct detailing products such as microfibre cloths.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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