Drivers ‘need to protect their paint from the sun’

A vehicle's paint job takes a lot of punishment from the elements and with summer on the way, drivers need to take steps to protect their bodywork from the sun's UV rays.

According to Ricochet Dave, from Ricochet's Rapid Detail, moving now will save motorists a lot of heartache later when the harmful effects of the sun have damaged the finish.

To protect their bodywork, drivers could invest in a number of products, such as a car sealant and car waxes, which will provide a barrier against the UV rays.

"The heat of the summer will be here before you know it. Get your paint protected before the damaging rays from the sun hurt your car's finish," Dave added.

Another step drivers can take to protect their vehicle's finish is to remove bird droppings as soon as they hit the car.

According to an entry on the blog, the corrosive elements in bird faeces can cause significant damage if left on the paint.

Posted by Matt Casson

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