Drivers ‘must not rush car cleaning’

The term 'more haste, less speed' is very much applicable to cleaning cars, as drivers who try and rush through a job will leave themselves with more to do and could end up having to splash out money on car scratch remover to correct mistakes they have made.

With the weekend representing most people's spare time, spending hours washing a motor from head to toe may seem like a chore that can wait, however, it does not have to be like that.

Not every wash job needs to take hours on end, with claiming that regular short cleans will suffice.

"You may not have the time to spend a couple of hours cleaning your ride from head to toe on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, but a regular, 30-minute cleaning will keep the car looking its best," the source noted.

Vlad Samarin, editor of, recently warned that bug splats and bird droppings can leave permanent stains unless they are removed quickly.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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