Drivers ‘must not forget to clean their wheels’

Man washing carIt is easy to adopt the attitude that a car’s wheels are just going to get dirty so there is little point in cleaning them however, detailing the rims and tyres is an essential part of car exterior care.

According to Top Cool Cars, the items which drivers need to give their wheels the perfect finish include car polish, car sealant, degreaser and rags, although those who prefer may wish to use a microfibre cloth instead.

The first step is to wash the rims and tyres properly, using car shampoo to get off tough dirt and grease.

Afterwards, car wheel polish should be applied with a soft cloth to give it that perfect shine.

"If you ignore the importance of wheels and don’t clean or polish them it will ruin all your efforts on cleaning and polishing your car exterior," the website added.

Male drivers who maintain their motors may find that it boosts their love life, as a recent survey by found that two in five people would be put off going on a second date with someone if they had picked them up in a dirty car.

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