Drivers ‘must clean under the wiper blades’

While car waxes, car shampoo and car polishes are important detailing products, it is not just the bodywork that drivers need to focus on.

That is according to Vad Samarin, editor at, who stated that employing windscreen cleaner and maintaining the glass is an important step as well.

He explained that dirt and sand can get trapped under the wiper blades, meaning that when they are switched on, they leave tiny scratches all over the glass.

This can affect visibility and cause the wipers not to clean properly when it starts raining.

"When you wash your car, make sure to wash the windshield and under the wiper blades to wash off all the sand. If the windshield wipers don't clean properly, replace them, they are not very expensive," Mr Samarin added.

Michael Stoops, from Meguiar's, told AOL Autos that the two-bucket approach is the best when it comes to cleaning a vehicle.

Posted by Simone Williams

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