Drivers ‘must clean headlights constantly in snowy conditions’

The snow is set to return to large parts of the UK this weekend and drivers must ensure they take the necessary steps to prepare their cars, with windscreen cleaner and car plastic polish.

John Lewis Insurance has listed several things which motorists need to do to before taking their vehicles out in the snow, with visibility one of the most important areas to tackle.

As well as keeping the windscreen and mirrors clear with glass cleaner and windscreen cleaner, drivers should invest in car plastic polish to ensure the headlights are clear.

"Cleaning your headlights can improve visibility. Dirt often forms a thick film which reduces their effectiveness. It also means that others can't see you as clearly," the company added.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists recently urged drivers to make sure they have all the tools needed to make their vehicles as safe as possible during periods of icy weather.

Among the tips offered by the organisation is ensuring that sufficient windscreen cleaner is in the reservoir.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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