Drivers ‘must choose car polish carefully’

When buying car polishes, drivers must study the labels carefully to ensure they purchase a product which is suitable for use on their car's paint.

Laura Jensen, from Bioshine, said that in some cases, car polishes can be so strong that they can do more harm than good and once the damage is done there is little which can be done to remedy the situation.

Drivers who do damage their car with wax which is too abrasive will have to take it to a detailing shop to undergo repair work.

"Remember to study and comply with the product label on the car polish … too strong and you will burn your car's paint," Ms Jensen stated.

She also recommended that when using a microfibre cloth or wash mitt before applying car polish, it is important to keep them clean so as not to damage the paint with grit and other substances which they may have picked up.

According to a recent article on the Hub Garage website, Meguiars Gold Class Clear Coat Wax is one of the best choices available today.

Posted by James Robson

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