Drivers ‘must choose alloy wheel cleaners carefully’

When buying alloy wheel cleaners, it is important for drivers to select the correct one, as rims have different finishes which can be damaged should inappropriate products be used on them.

That is the advice of Brad Bergholdt, an automotive technology instructor at Evergreen Valley College in California, who wrote for the McClatchy-Tribune News Service that selecting alloy wheel cleaners requires plenty of research.

A reader wrote to the expert complaining about all of the brake dust which accumulates on the wheels of their BMW Z4 and while there are shields which stop dust from settling, he personally prefers exposed callipers, meaning that the rims will become discoloured.

For those keen on exposed callipers, alloy wheel cleaners are essential.

"When cleaning alloy wheels, be sure to use a cleaning agent that's appropriate for your wheel type. Painted or clear-coated wheels need one type of cleaner and polished or rough aluminium, billet and anodised wheels need another," Mr Bergholdt told the reader.

He added that he is a fan of Mothers FX wheel cleaner and also stressed the need to invest in wheel cleaning brushes as well.

Mike Herzing, publisher and editor of Let's Talk Wheels, told a driver on Sport City's Toyota Blog recently that a wheel protectant should be used afterwards to minimise the amount of dust which settles on the alloys.

Posted by Matt Casson

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