Drivers might be wise to check their tyres while cleaning

When drivers next make use of tyre cleaners they may wish to consider taking a look a closer look at them and start thinking ahead to the winter months.

According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), people might be wise to take steps now to ensure their vehicle is fully prepared for the colder weather, which could potentially see British roads proving more tricky than usual to contend with.

Peter Rodger, chief examiner at IAM, noted that although the weather in the UK rarely becomes as extreme as in some other nations, a number of motorists may wish to think about applying winter tyres.

He pointed out that people in areas that are particularly hit by challenging weather conditions could find these make sure they are able to get around.

Mr Rodger suggested: "Most importantly, if conditions are really treacherous you should just consider postponing the journey and staying at home."

The IAM stated that winter tyres are better at keeping grip when temperatures drop below zero and could make sense for those living in remote areas.

They can be identified as the sidewall has a symbol of a snowflake on a mountain on it and should be replaced with normal tyres once the colder period is over.

Of course, it is also important to ensure that tyres are safe in general regardless of whether or not they are fitted just for winter, so next time alloy wheel cleaners are being used it could be worth taking a look at whether the pressure and tread depth is as it should be.

It might also be important to ensure that action is taken to keep a vehicle in its best possible shape before winter arrives.

Andy Eaton, from AE Auto Plus, recently suggested that safety, appearance and performance should all be considered.

Posted by Anne Simpson 

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