Drivers handed tips on addressing winter muck

Motorists have been handed a range of tips on tackling the car issues caused by exposure to winter weather.

Writing for the Montreal Gazette, columnist Jim Leggett claimed now is the ideal time to make a "plan of action" for vehicle maintenance.

"With all the road salt, sand and abrasives on the roads to aid in traction, your vehicle has had its share of abuse," he said. "Melting snow has been sprayed on to your car by passing vehicles and [this] has affected the tires and undercarriage."

Mr Leggett explained it will take hard work to deal with this build-up but advised drivers to tackle it with a thorough cleaning.

He also advocated lubricating sections of the car but warned novices to seek assistance when choosing products.

Mr Leggett went on to state that rust-proofing the vehicle can help to keep it safe from damage year-round.

Earlier in the month, a What Car? Maintenance guide promoted the use of pressure washers on vehicles as a money-saving tool.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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