Drivers ‘can get rid of the smell of cigarettes’

Stubbing outThere are steps motorists can take to eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke from a car, including car air fresheners and various cleaning techniques, one website has claimed.

According to Sun Meilan, writing for Helium, the first thing motorists should do is wash everything that they can, whether that be loose cushions or blankets used in the vehicle, as these will have absorbed much of the smoke.

Airing the car by leaving the windows open for a prolonged period of time is another option, although this is only recommended in safe locations.

Drivers should also remember to clean the ashtray, as this is crucial to eliminating the smell.

"People often neglect to do this, thinking it is enough to just throw the cigarette butts out," Mr Meilan said.

Lisa Hipgrave, director at the British Fragrance Association, recently highlighted how important a nice-smelling vehicle is as smell is one of the strongest senses, which could encourage some to invest in car air fresheners.

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