Don’t use strong detergents to get rid of bird muck, motorists warned

Cleaning carOne of the worst things drivers can do is to try and wash bird muck off their cars with washing up liquid, according to one website. claims that there are several things motorists should not do when trying to remove bird pooh, including using a scrubbing pad instead of a wash mitt or sponge.

The website recommends not rubbing at the dried out dirt with fingers, as this can damage the paintwork.

"If you do use those things you will end up putting swirls and light scratch marks into your paintwork and using a detergent will take off any wax or polish that you’ve previously applied," according to the site.

What drivers will need to remove the muck is a hosepipe with a sprayer nozzle, a wash mitt or a sponge, car wax or detailer spray and a top-quality microfibre cloth.

Ricochet Dave, writing on the Ricochet’s Rapid Detail blog, also warned drivers not to use washing up liquid on their cars, stating that they should buy car shampoo and other products.

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