‘Don’t scrimp’ on car wax

Cleaning carMotorists should resist the urge to just buy any car wax in the hope that they all do the same thing.

According to the ohtsuatvtires blog, car wax is not an area where one should be trying to make savings, as using top-quality products will make all the difference.

A good wax will protect the bodywork and help to eradicate impurities and swirl marks.

"It is time for the final wax. Now, don’t be cheap. Go ahead and spring for the good stuff," the blog stated.

Drivers may want to bear in mind that washing their vehicle with car shampoo may be better than taking it to a car wash, with the source adding that they can damage a lot of paint jobs.

Asberry Conyers, owner of C’s Auto Detail Shop, told the Anniston Star recently that the key to getting that perfect finish is knowing exactly what car exterior care products to use and where to use them.

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