Dodo Juice Sour Power Car Shampoo ‘delivers exceptional shine’

There are lots of car shampoo products for drivers to choose from but for the ultimate shine the Dodo Juice Sour Power Car Shampoo takes some beating, according to one enthusiast.

Cee Dog conducted a review of the company's Gloss Enhancing Car Shampoo on the AutogeekOnline forum and said that he is not normally someone who buys into the idea that something can add extra gloss but admitted the Dodo Juice solution did just that.

After completing the wash and standing back, he could not help notice the super shine that was staring back at him and the superb finish was confirmed by his wife a short while later.

"A little later in the day my wife took the dogs for a walk. When she came back inside she asked me 'What did you put on my car?' I told her I only washed it, to which she replied, 'Whatever you put on it, that's the best it has ever looked'," Cee Dog noted.

According to a list of car care do's and don'ts from the ARA news agency, dishwashing soap should under no circumstances be used in place of car shampoo, as it will wreak havoc with the paint job.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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