Dish detergent ‘is in no way a substitute for car shampoo’

There are many myths when it comes to car maintenance and one of the biggest and potentially damaging is substituting washing-up liquid for car shampoo, it has been claimed.

According to a list of car care do's and don'ts from the ARA news agency, dishwashing soap can do significant harm to a car's paint job and under no circumstances should drivers try and cut corners by using it.

While washing-up liquid may get rid of dirt, it also breaks down the car wax motorists have applied, leaving the paint exposed and doing more harm than good.

"Dish detergents are designed to remove animal or vegetable fat and will equally target the wax on your car," the agency said.

Instead, drivers should invest in a top-quality car shampoo which is designed to be tough on dirt and kind to the bodywork.

One option could be Dodo Juice car shampoo, which does not contain any of the foaming agents found in products from rival companies, owner Dominic Colbeck told recently.

Posted by Simone Williams

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