Dirty car ‘can spoil a first date’

Parked FordIt is important to use car leather care, alloy wheel cleaners, tar remover and other car cleaning products before picking someone up for a first date, as a messy motor could kill the romance straight off.

According to survey by webuyanycar.com, two in five people were put off potential partners by the untidy state of their car, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

More than half said they were unhappy about vehicles which smelled of cigarettes, with other turn offs being unfashionable motors and old bangers.

Jeremy Herbert, head of operations at webuyanycar.com, told the newspaper that maintaining the interior and exterior of a car will stand drivers in good stead when it comes to romance.

"If your car is smart and clean, then you are more likely to make a good impression and get that all-important second date," he added.

One way drivers could revamp the exterior of their cars is using car scratch remover, which Autos.com said recently is a simple product to use.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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