Detailing products ‘can make a car look almost new again’

Clay bars, car waxes, car shampoos and car polish are four products which drivers of old, shabby motors need to restore their vehicle to its former glory.

According to AP Auto Writer Tom Krisher, when it comes to shining up the paint, these car exterior care products will work wonders and restore some lustre to the bodywork.

He recommends investing in high-quality car waxes to ensure they provide adequate protection, while touch-up paint can be used to cover up large or deep scratches.

Matt Lifter, owner of Motor City AutoSpa, told the writer that clay bars in particular can help lift the paint job to a new level.

"Clay barring is like exfoliating your skin," he stated.

Mr Krisher pointed out that car exterior care products are not expensive and that the initial outlay is significantly lower than hiring a detailing firm to do the work instead.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Paul Normyle, founder of vehicle preparation firm Shine, said recently that car cleaning products will pay for themselves in the long run.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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