Detailing gurus use clay bars to remove tree sap marks

There are many threats to a car's paint job, including stones, grit, bird droppings and bug splats and drivers must be vigilant if they want to keep their motor looking fresh and clean.

Another problem drivers must be wary of is tree sap, which can wreak havoc with the bodywork if left untreated.

Tree sap can be difficult to remove but the team at Victory Detailing recently showed everyone how it is done.

After removing the majority of the sap with their car wash formula, they used clay bars to get rid of the marks left behind.

"As we dried the car, we knew the clay bar would be the next opportunity to work on the sap stains … the clay bar did the trick, as all sap marks and surface imperfections were removed after washing the vehicle and drying it again.

Lauren Fix, an automotive TV analyst known as the Car Coach, told recently that tree sap needs to be removed as a matter of urgency if the bodywork is to emerge unscathed.

Posted by James Robson

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