Detailing gurus give car interior thorough going over

It is important for the exterior of a car to be given as much tender, loving care as possible to ensure it looks good when travelling down the road.

However, this is only part of the story.

The only people who see the interior may be the owner and their family but that does not mean it should be considered an afterthought when it comes to detailing.

When it comes to selling the vehicle, prospective buyers will want a motor that has been cared for both inside and out and those looking for the best way to care for the cabin could follow the steps taken by the experts at Victory Detailing.

They recently treated a client's interior with several products to restore it to its former glory.

To start with, they vacuumed the entire cabin and removed spot stains before getting the vacuum out again to pick up any loose dirt missed the first time.

Following this, the team used car leather care, car vinyl cleaner and glass cleaner to spruce up the remaining areas.

Larry Printz from the Virginia-Pilot, noted it in an article for The Republic recently that a clean car is a pleasant place to be for the driver.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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