Detailing firm uses car leather conditioner to revitalise seats

A car detailing firm have described how they used car leather conditioner on a customer's interior recently.

Victory Detailing were called to work on a Ford Explorer which was in pretty good condition, with the owner wanting the team to maintain the appearance and add an extra layer of protection.

After tackling the outside with clay bars and car shampoo, the experts began working on the inside and used car leather conditioner in addition to other products to make the cabin look and feel like new.

"The leather seats were conditioned and the dashboard area was treated with Silk Shine. We wrapped up this detailing job by treating the door jambs and polishing the windows," the firm stated.

According to a recent post on the Smithtown Acura blog, spring is a great time to give a car a thorough going over and it is important that the cabin is given as much love and attention as the paintwork and alloy wheels.

Posted by Matt Casson

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