Detailing firm gives tips on window cleaning

Employing a certain technique when using glass cleaner will make it easier for owners to identify whether streaks are on the inside of the car or out.

According to International AERO Products, the key is to run the microfiber cloths in opposite directions on the interior and the exterior.

On the outside, drivers should apply the glass cleaner and then wipe in an up-and-down motion to remove dirt.

Switching to the inside, they should do the same but instead clean from side-to-side.

"When you are finished, if there are any streaks, you'll be able to target them by knowing which side of the window they are on, depending on which direction the streaks go," the firm added.

The company also gave advice on cleaning the carpets, stating that once washed with car shampoo, they should be treated again with nothing but water to remove any soapy residue.

Not-for-profit organisation CAA South Central Ontario recently advised drivers to keep mirrors and windows clear with glass cleaner and urged them to remove any salt residues from the vehicle.

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  1. Windows of the cars are important to be cleaned to have its full visibility. We need to have proper procedure and technique to clean our windows. But sometimes it will be better for us to have an expert to save money and time to have a flawless window.

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