Detailing enthusiast reveals car polishing tips

Applying car polish properly requires patience and adherence to best practice and one detailing enthusiast has offered his tips on getting that showroom shine just right.

Writing on his personal blog, Brian Eisenhauer stated that car polish can be applied either by hand or by a dual-action machine, with both methods being equally effective.

For those doing it manually, he recommended tackling the job in small sections, as rushing it will just see drivers smear compound all over their motor and spoil its look.

Mr Eisenhauer said that enthusiasts should begin by putting some polish or Meguiar's Ultimate Compound on an applicator pad and applying it in a circular motion.

To do the job well, motorists should use medium-light pressure and press on the pad with their whole hand.

"This isn't wax – you will want to concentrate on the area for a bit and allow the compound to polish the surface to a shiny lustre," he went on to add.

Paul Caller, chief executive officer at Autoglym, recently advised drivers to resist the temptation of buying cheap car cleaning products, as the likelihood is they will not be very effective.

Posted by Simone Williams

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