Detailing customer delighted with finished product

A detailing job done properly can leave a vehicle looking as good as it did the day it rolled off the production line.

To get top-notch results, people need to dedicate a few hours to reinvigorating their bodywork and also invest in the best cleaning products to ensure the paint is given all the tender, loving care it needs.

So what products should one purchase?

There are car detailing solutions for just about every surface, including vinyl and rubber cleaner, soft top cleaner and bumper dye.

The team at Victory Detailing were recently tasked with breathing new life into the bodywork of a Land Rover LR3 and employed car shampoo, clay bars and car waxes to do the job.

According to the experts, the lease was coming to an end and the owner had to return it to the dealership in as good a condition as possible.

For that, he called in the detailing gurus to work their magic and that is precisely what they did.

"We performed a wash, clay bar treatment and wax to this truck to bring back the shine," the team noted.

They also went to work on the rubber, plastic and vinyl trim to enhance the look even further.

"It was evident that the trim had not been treated in a while, so application of an 'extreme shine' dressing changed the Land Rover's appearance dramatically," the experts went on to add.

Once the work was complete, the owner stated that the vehicle "never looked so good".

Vlad Samarin, editor of, said recently that drivers need to tackle minor scratches and paint chips as soon as they can, otherwise leaving them could see the damage get worse and motorists will face larger bills to have them repaired.

Car scratch remover and car polishes can both be used to treat such imperfections.

Posted by Matt Casson

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