Detailing a car ‘will help sellers get a better price’

 Taking a few simple steps to prepare a car before sale can see sellers increase the price by hundreds of pounds, it has been claimed.

According to the Daily Telegraph, investing in car shampoo and other exterior care products will see owners reap the rewards when it comes to shifting the vehicle.

Drivers should avoid the temptation to take their motor to a car wash and then put their feet up, as a bit of elbow grease is needed if they want to bump the price up.

After using car shampoo, the newspaper recommended applying several other car exterior care products to elevate the finish even more.

"Use a good polish and dedicated wheel and tyre cleaning products to add some sparkle and remember to finish off by cleaning the windscreens and windows inside and out," the newspaper added.

Mike Pennington, director of training at Meguiar's, stated recently that motorists should not be tempted to use washing up liquid and tea towels in place of car shampoo and wash mitts, as they will do more harm than good, Hot Rod reported.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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