Detailer revitalises Lexus with clay bars

A detailing firm has revealed how a battered and tired looking Lexus GS450h was recently brought into the showroom and revitalised using car shampoo and clay bars.

Miglior Detailing said in a blog post that the motor had recently had a front end re-spray and rear bumper but the quality of the work left a lot to be desired.

While the paint job itself was not too bad, the finishing of it "could have been much better".

To bring the Lexus back to life, the company took it out of the showroom and washed it using car shampoo before using clay bars to remove any contaminants.

The firm highlighted the severe swirl marks on the car and stated that to get rid of them properly would have required a full correction, however, the owner did not want this.

As a result, the experts decided on a single-stage machine polish to reduce the number of scratches.

Writing for Professional Carwashing and Detailing, Andras Nagy recently said that clay bars are the best way of removing surface contaminants.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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