Detailer reveals three-step process for a great finish

A car is an expensive investment meaning it must be protected and maintained effectively and one detailer has given his tips on how to make a motor shine like it was brand new.

Jim Motz, who opened his detailing shop in 1983, told the Morning Sun that he employs a three-step process when revitalising vehicles, claiming that auto detailing is something which cannot be rushed or done on the cheap.

To begin with, cleaning the motor with car shampoo, car scratch remover and tar remover is essential, as the surface must be clean before any car waxes are added.

Following this, Mr Motz uses car glazes on the bodywork.

"There is a mild oxidation in the glaze that brings out the shine," he told the newspaper.

To finish off, he applies Carnauba car waxes in two separate coats to perfect the shine.

When it comes to detailing the wheels, alloy wheel cleaners are the best products, with Mothers FX wheel cleaner recommended by Brad Bergholdt, an automotive technology instructor at Evergreen Valley College in California.

Writing for the McClatchy-Tribune News Service, he said that car brushes should also be used to do a thorough job.

Posted by Anne Simpson


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