Cleanliness of a car ‘impacts its sale price’

The investment made in car shampoo, car waxes and car polish could be recouped several times over when the time comes to sell the vehicle.

A shiny motor with a pristine interior is likely to appeal to buyers much more than a shabby, rundown car with a grubby interior full of crisp packets and other rubbish.

When the time comes to sell the motor, drivers must put in some elbow grease and pick up the right products to ensure the inside and the outside are as spotless as possible.

According to Ricochet's Rapid Detail, this is a key factor in determining how much it is worth.

"A vehicle's appearance and condition of the exterior and interior ultimately determines the retail value, private party value and trade-in value," the company added.

When cleaning the carpets and seats, it is important not to rub stains from side-to-side, according to International AERO products.

Posted by Matt Casson

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