Cleaning compounds ‘prep the bodywork for waxing’

Car waxes are crucial to protecting the bodywork, however, it is important to prepare the surfaces before applying them.

For a vehicle to look its best, the paint needs to glisten and shine like it did the day the motor left the showroom and for that to happen, drivers must employ the right tools.

So before using car waxes, owners need to apply car cleaning compounds and car polishes, as these will remove any surface contaminants and swirl marks.

By doing this, motorists will prep the bodywork ready for the waxes to do their job.

The team at Victory Detailing did a similar thing recently when called to detail a mobile home.

To begin with, the experts washed the vehicle down with car shampoo to remove loose dirt and grit before moving on to compounding.

"The outside of the Condor came out better than we expected as we washed, scrubbed, compounded and waxed all surfaces. The compound really did the trick for us and prepped the surface to be waxed," the detailers noted.

As well as revitalising the outside, the experts went to work on the interior and focused on the seats with car leather conditioner.

By doing so, they breathed new life into them.

"We spent special attention to the leather seats too because they looked like they had never been treated," the team stated.

In addition, the group said that they used car vinyl cleaner to spruce up the various materials in the cabin to complete the detailing job.

Other products that can remove surface contaminants and elevate the finish to the next level are clay bars.

Selasa, from kemPlink Auto Detailing, said recently that he thought they were a gimmick and had no real value.

However, after trying them on his Subaru, he stated that they are in fact useful tools for getting the paintwork in good condition before finishing it off with car waxes and polishes.

Posted by James Robson

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