Cleaning alloy wheels by hand ‘is the best way’

The best way to keep alloy wheels in tip-top condition is to wash them by hand rather than taking the motor to a car wash.

That is according to a post on the Auto Product Review blog by Amy, who stated that maintaining the rims can be done with alloy wheel cleaners and a bit of elbow grease.

She stated that this is the most effective way of making sure the alloys look fresh, although she urged caution and plenty of research when selecting alloy wheel cleaners.

"Keep your wheels cleaned and waxed. If you can wash them by hand, so much the better. Don't use an acidic cleaner, as they can damage the clear coat on the wheels," Amy said.

She recommended searching for specific products designed to be used on the type of wheels the driver owns.

Brad Bergholdt, an automotive technology instructor at Evergreen Valley College in California, made a similar point in an article for the McClatchy-Tribune News Service, saying that painted and clear-coat rims require a certain type of cleaner.

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