Cleaning a car ‘can put the thrill back into driving it’

Taking the time to clear out a vehicle and clean it from top to bottom will make driving it a pleasurable experience once again, it has been claimed.

Stephanie Teskers, writing for, said that the upholstery and mats should be treated to a thorough going over, meaning drivers may want to invest in car upholstery and fabric cleaners or car leather care products.

"Put the thrill back in driving your truck or car," she noted.

The writer added that car air fresheners can also help make the cabin a more pleasant place to be.

"Add a few squirts of new-car smell air freshener and top it off with a high-shine wax," Ms Teskers stated.

Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council, said recently that keeping a car in tip-top condition fosters a sense of pride and achievement in the owner and that with a little elbow grease, the vehicle will look and feel great each time it is driven.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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