Cleaner cars ‘will save drivers money’

Performing thorough interior and exterior detailing jobs will save drivers money at the pump, it has been suggested.

Professor David Briscoe, from Tyler Junior College, told KETK that anything that adds weight to the vehicle will slow it down, meaning more juice is required to get from A to B.

It is a similar story on the outside of the vehicle, as dirt and other debris will make it more difficult for the car to move, which could encourage people to invest in car shampoo to make sure their bodywork is always in tip-top condition.

"Anything that's on the car reduces its ability to go through the air," professor Briscoe told the news provider.

According to an entry on the blog, cleaning a motor on a regular basis has two major advantages.

The first is that very dirty vehicles are harder and take longer to clean, while the second benefit is that subsequent washes will be more straightforward.

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