Clean a car ‘inside and out’ before selling it

Clean a car 'inside and out' before selling it

Drivers who plan to sell their vehicle could bump the price of their car up by giving it a good clean inside and out, according to an expert.

Ronald Kresten, from, wrote on that many people do not know that a spotless vehicle can add a few pounds to the selling price.

He stated that car shampoo, polish and other dedicated products should be used to do the job and give the vehicle the best finish possible.

“The first step is to do a thorough clean – inside and out – this alone can add more to the price … you’ll also need to shampoo your vehicle before you sell your car, then rinse, dry and polish it,” Mr Kresten wrote.

It is essential drivers use specialist products such as car wax and shampoo to do the job, as washing up liquid can damage the paintwork, according to Wicked Local.

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