Claying a car twice a year ‘improves its shine’

Volkswagen Passat Using clay cars on a vehicle once or twice a year can make a big difference to its appearance. said that clay bars can remove corrosive substances which damage the bodywork and take the shine off the finish.

"Claying your car once or twice a year removes industrial fallout and other contaminants from your clear coat and leaves a much cleaner, shinier surface," the website stated.

Drivers can buy clay bars as part of a kit which also includes a microfibre towel and a spray detailer.

The website recommended motorists cover one section at a time, with the first step being to apply the detailer before gliding the clay over it.

Drivers should repeat the process until they can run their hand over the paint without feeling any grit or grains, the source went on to add.

According to Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council, maintaining the interior and exterior of one’s car can boost its value when it comes to selling it.

Posted by Matt Casson

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