Clay bars the easiest way to remove surface imperfections?

If drivers run their fingers along their car's bodywork they will find in many instances that it feels grainy and rougher than they might expect looking at it and it is important to remove these imperfections if they are to achieve the best finish.

While car shampoo will get rid of a lot of the dirt and debris that has accumulated on the paint, it will not tackle everything, meaning owners must look elsewhere to find the right tools for the job.

One option is to invest in clay bars, which are designed to lift bits of grit and other contaminants off the bodywork to leave a smooth finish ready for the application of car waxes and car polishes.

This is something the team at Victory Detailing recently found when called out to wash a dirty vehicle.

"After drying down the car, we took a clay bar and lubricant to the painted surfaces. The clay bar was able [to remove] many of the light scratches and surface imperfections with ease," the experts noted.

James Baggot, from Autoblog UK, said recently that hosing a car down is the first step in exterior detailing.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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