Clay bars ‘good for removing tree sap’

Tree sap is one of the biggest problems drivers face, as removing it can be tricky without the right car cleaning products.

While car shampoo and wash mitts will get rid of the bulk of it, there will still be residue on the bodywork which needs to come off.

In order to get the job done properly, clay bars are in order, as these will lift the sap off without causing any damage to the paint.

That is what the experts at Victory Detailing did recently when called out to breathe new life into a client's motor.

"We took the clay bar over all painted surfaces of the vehicle to remove surface contaminants and remove the sap. This method worked to remove the tree sap efficiently and without damaging the clear coat," the team said.

Following this, the guys applied car waxes and said that the paint looked great by the end of the detailing job.

According to the kemPlink blog, drivers should not see clay bars as gimmicks, as they are highly effective at removing contaminants from vehicles.

Posted by James Robson

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