Clay bars ‘good for removing surface contaminants’

Auto detailing is about going further than just washing and drying – it involves using various products to make the car look as good as it possibly can and among the items essential to this are clay bars.

Car waxes and polish are also crucial investments, but unless the paint is free of contaminants, all the polish and wax in the world will make little difference.

So after washing a vehicle with car shampoo, drivers should use a clay bar to lift off any stubborn bits of grime such as brake dust, bird droppings or oxidation like the team at Victory Detailing recently did.

They were called out to fix up a BMW 3-series that looked a little worse for wear.

Following a good clean, they then proceeded to tidy up the bodywork with clay bars.

"After washing, we spent extra time with the clay bar to make sure that we were able to remove all surface contaminants before applying a heavy duty cleaner wax to bring the paint back to life," the experts added.

Andras Nagy, writing for Professional Carwashing and Detailing, said clay bars are the best product for removing below-surface contaminants.

Posted by James Robson

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