Clay bars ‘can do what carnauba-based cleaner waxes cannot’

Car shampoo will lift off loose surface dirt and other contaminants but those who want their vehicle to look the best it can will need more than this if they are to turn heads when driving down the road.

There are various detailing products which exist that allow motorists to elevate their vehicle's finish from good to great.

Car waxes, car polishes and alloy wheel cleaners all fall into this bracket, as do clay bars, which are brilliant at lifting contaminants lurking in hard to reach places or those which simply do not want to come off.

The guys at Victory Detailing are big fans of the products and they recently employed them on a motor that had been neglected for a few years.

After hosing the car down, they used clay bars to prep the surface even more and noted that they are the best tools for the job.

"Instead of using a compound that may have abrasive properties, clay is great for spot treatments on marks that would not be removed with a carnauba-based cleaner wax," the team noted.

Following this, the experts set to work on protecting all of their hard work and applied car wax with a high-speed orbital polisher with a less dense foam pad than normal.

The reason for this is that it allowed them to navigate tight corners more effectively.

By the end of the day, the vehicle was in much better shape.

"After the wax was removed the exterior had a radiant shine that was visible to the owner and neighbourhood friends," the detailers concluded.

One enthusiast who was recently convinced about how useful clay bars are is kemPlink Auto Detailing blog writer Selasa.

He stated that, at first, he thought they were a gimmick but after using them came to the conclusion that they are very effective at what they do.

Posted by James Robson

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