Clay bars ‘are kinder to paint than polishing compounds’

Drivers have a number of options when it comes to removing contaminants from their car's bodywork but one of the kindest choices is clay bars.

According to the howtocar blog, elements such as dirt and asphalt can stick to the car's bodywork and begin to oxidise, which can lead to the paint becoming dulled and damaged.

The two main options to deal with the problem are polishing compounds and clay bars, however, the former contain harsh chemicals which take away some of the paint as well as the dirt.

On the other hand, clay bars will tackle these contaminants while being gentle with to the bodywork.

"A clay bar is very friendly to your car's paint surface, removing contaminants quickly and conveniently without causing damage to the paint material," the blog added.

Writing for, Amanda, from Robert's Auto, said recently that as well as clay bars, motorists should have car waxes and car polish in their exterior care kits.

Posted by James Henderson

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