Chrome wheels ‘should be polished once or twice a year’

While car detailing is essential, overdoing it could do more harm than good and this is true when it comes to the wheels as well, with one expert offering tips to those with real chrome rims.

Chrome wheel cleaners are a vital component in any car enthusiast's cleaning kit but according to Ricochet Dave, from Ricochet's Rapid Detail, applying too much too often will not improve the shine.

In fact, chrome wheel cleaners are something which only need to be brought out of the garage twice a year.

"Polish real chrome wheels once or twice a year to keep them looking their best," the expert added.

Those with factory-fit or aftermarket rims would be well advised to invest in acid-free alloy wheel cleaners to give them the best shine possible.

That is according to Autoglym chief executive Paul Caller, who stated that the wheels are crucial to the overall look of the vehicle and should therefore be given the required amount of attention.

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