Check your car before every journey in winter, says specialist

It is imperative that you get your prized car ready for the winter months, says one specialist.

Caroline Holmes, spokeswoman for road charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), believes that ensuring your vehicle is in tip top order before embarking on any journeys this winter time should ride high on your list of priorities.

Her advice is to do a proper check of the car each day, ensuring that the wiper blades are in good working order and that your windows are clean on both the inside and outside – something windscreen cleaner would help with.

She also suggested that you check the depth of your tyres and ensure the headlights are working correctly.

But more importantly, she added: "When the weather is bad, the most important question is whether you really need to go out at all. If you absolutely do, make sure you and your car are prepared for the journey."

Her comments echo those made recently by insurance firm Hastings Direct, who advised caution when driving on roads in icy conditions

Posted by Matt Casson

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