Chamois leathers ‘a great way to get a streak-free shine’

Using chamois leathers is one of the best ways to dry a car, according to one expert.

John Ettling, owner of Hutchings and Harding, told the Globe and Mail that to get a great look, the vehicle needs to be rinsed off after being cleaned with car shampoo and chamois leathers are the best tools for the job.

"All you really need is a chamois leather after that to dry and polish the car," he stated.

The reason why they are so good is down to their structure, with the expert also noting that the material they are made from lends itself to absorption.

"Because of the unique properties of a chamois leather, it absorbs water and dries with a streak-free shine. This is all to do with the fact that it's sheep skin, which is a very open fibre structure and tanned with fish oil," Mr Ettling told the newspaper.

Diane Parker, co-owner of Rims and Rovers Auto and Pet Wash, gave some advice on what products to use before the chamois leather to ensure a fantastic shine.

She stated that it is important to use only the best car exterior care items and to rinse the car with hot as opposed to cold water.

"How I explain it to people is it's no different than washing your dishes at home. Hot water cuts grease and removes the dirt a lot more effectively. You get road film on your vehicle from construction and chemicals in the air and unless you cut that grease somehow it's only going to get so clean," she told the news provider.

To enhance the shine even further, drivers could invest in clay bars to remove stubborn surface contaminants that spoil the finish.

The team at Victory Detailing recently used them to breathe new life into a Chevrolet and the owner was delighted with the overall result.

Posted by Matt Casson

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