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New Windscreen Crack Repair Kit From Sealey

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Windscreen Chip & Crack Reapair KitHave you got an annoying crack or chip in your windscreen that you want to get rid of without involving your insurers or calling out a glass repair company? Now you can with the new Windscreen Repair Kit from Sealey.

This new kit contains all you need to repair windscreen cracks up to 15mm long and chips that are anywhere up to 25mm wide.

Claiming to provide an “almost invisible” fix, which to be fair is what may professional repair firms use in their terminology, the kit contains a suction cup device, pressure driver and injection tube for applying the special clear¬†¬†resin.

This resin being designed to penetrate deep inside windscreen chips and cracks. (more…)

Ensure your lights and wipers are tip top this winter

Friday, November 11th, 2011

With winter drawing in it's advisable to ensure your car's lights and wipers are clean and in working order, says the Car Care Council.

Rich White, executive director of the US-based body, says that lights and wipers play a crucial role in road safety but are particularly important during the cold and dark months.

He added: "From the driver's seat you may not notice a light that isn't working, so inspect all of your car's lights and replace those that are out. Also, inspect and replace wiper blades so you can see clearly when wet weather hits."

In addition to ensuring lights work property prior to a journey, you should also ensure that they are clear and bright, something specialist glass cleaner would help with. Dirt and debris can build up if left unattended to and dim your lights from being seen by other road users.

Mr White's comments echo those made recently by Caroline Holmes, spokeswoman for road charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Posted by Mark Henderson

Armor All claims second spot in Glass Cleaner Award

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Leading car care firm Armor All was pipped at the post in Auto Express's Glass Cleaner Award 2011.

The company, known for its range of glass cleaner and car wax applicator pads, finished second behind Comma Glass Cleaner with its Armor All Glass Cleaner product.

The Auto Express Best Buy 2011 award tested 14 of the UK's most popular glass cleaners, testing them against a range of criteria including value-for-money and effectiveness.

Despite narrowly missing the top spot, Armor All's glass cleaner was described as "the one to go for" in terms of cleaning power by Auto Express testers.

Armor All Glass Cleaner is designed to tackle bugs, bird lime and traffic film. Unlike other cleaners, it does not smear and is also ammonia-free, making it safe for use on tinted glass.

With the winter months now upon us, it's important that motorists take extra care when driving in adverse conditions, such as strong winds and heavy rain.

It's crucial that windows are kept clean at all times, to allow for optimum visibility when driving on the roads – something glass cleaner would be handy for.

Posted by Mark Henderson

Windscreen cleaner could ensure good visibility

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Using windscreen cleaner could be worth considering both for those who take pride in the appearance of their vehicle and those wanting to remain on the right side of the law.

With winter approaching drivers might find their windshield becomes increasingly difficult to see through, something that might prove problematic when other factors such as icy roads and darkness are added.

Commenting on the changing conditions and the steps drivers should take, Mike Reitan, writing for the West Fargo Pioneer, stated that just a few minutes of effort will offer those behind the wheel an unobstructed view.

"Take time to make sure your windows are clear," he said, noting that a little time spent on the driveway can help a day to run more smoothly.

Mr Reitan stated: "You may have seen others driving while looking out the small area of the windshield cleared by the defroster.

"Or you may have seen someone who scraped clear a basketball size area of the windshield before taking off. Neither example provides enough visibility to operate a motor vehicle safely."

He added that in order to achieve the highest possible level of safety it is important that a motorist can clearly see through all the windows in a vehicle and noted that achieving this can be made easier with commercial products.

This may prompt some to invest in glass cleaner to ensure that their car looks at its best, while also ensuring they can see the road ahead.

Tree sap, bug splats and bird dropping could also have an impact of the appearance of a vehicle and those who want to minimise the risk of these causing potentially long-term damage might find car waxes have a role to play.

Victory Detailing recently stated it improved the look of a Chevrolet using carnauba wax.

Posted by Anne Simpson 

Miliband might find windscreen cleaner useful for keeping vehicle clean

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Windscreen cleaner and microfibre cloths might be worth purchasing for Labour leader Ed Miliband, as photographs have shown his vehicle being spruced up.

However, pictures in the Daily Mail showed that an unknown woman was tasked with keeping the Ford Focus in top condition outside the MP's north London home, perhaps while Mr Miliband was away at the Labour Conference in Liverpool.

The newspaper noted that the cleaner paid close attention to the car's headlamps and wing mirrors, perhaps hoping to ensure that visibility for those behind the wheel remains good as winter approaches.

When questioned about whether Mr Miliband had employed the lady as a cleaner, his spokesman said: "I'll ask him in the morning."

A recent survey by indicated that 90.9 per cent of men feel they are able to complete basic car maintenance tasks such as checking tyre pressure and oil, while only 51.8 per cent of females said the same.  

Posted by James Robson

Drivers ‘must clean under the wiper blades’

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

While car waxes, car shampoo and car polishes are important detailing products, it is not just the bodywork that drivers need to focus on.

That is according to Vad Samarin, editor at, who stated that employing windscreen cleaner and maintaining the glass is an important step as well.

He explained that dirt and sand can get trapped under the wiper blades, meaning that when they are switched on, they leave tiny scratches all over the glass.

This can affect visibility and cause the wipers not to clean properly when it starts raining.

"When you wash your car, make sure to wash the windshield and under the wiper blades to wash off all the sand. If the windshield wipers don't clean properly, replace them, they are not very expensive," Mr Samarin added.

Michael Stoops, from Meguiar's, told AOL Autos that the two-bucket approach is the best when it comes to cleaning a vehicle.

Posted by Simone Williams

Glass cleaning ‘should be left to the end’

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Effective car detailing involves careful planning and top-class products and drivers should not look to cut any corners when it comes to either of these two points.

Methodology is crucial if the vehicle is to look the best it possibly can, which is why owners must think ahead before they begin.

For instance, the bodywork should be cleaned before the wheels to prevent any run-off car shampoo and water dirtying them after they have already been seen to.

The same is true of the windows, as washing them first could see them become dirty again with other substances.

According to Minggu, writing for the kemPlink Auto Detailing blog, it is wise to bear this in mind.

"I would recommend you leave this step for last – most of the other products you use on the interior might leave a residue or overspray on the glass. Use a good glass cleaner formulated for automotive care," the writer added.

International AERO Products recently recommended that drivers clean the glass in different directions inside and out so they can easily identify which side any streaks are on.

Posted by Anne Simpson

Detailing firm gives tips on window cleaning

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Employing a certain technique when using glass cleaner will make it easier for owners to identify whether streaks are on the inside of the car or out.

According to International AERO Products, the key is to run the microfiber cloths in opposite directions on the interior and the exterior.

On the outside, drivers should apply the glass cleaner and then wipe in an up-and-down motion to remove dirt.

Switching to the inside, they should do the same but instead clean from side-to-side.

"When you are finished, if there are any streaks, you'll be able to target them by knowing which side of the window they are on, depending on which direction the streaks go," the firm added.

The company also gave advice on cleaning the carpets, stating that once washed with car shampoo, they should be treated again with nothing but water to remove any soapy residue.

Not-for-profit organisation CAA South Central Ontario recently advised drivers to keep mirrors and windows clear with glass cleaner and urged them to remove any salt residues from the vehicle.

Posted by Simone Williams 

Use a ‘good quality’ windscreen cleaner to make wipers safe

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Motorists might like to ensure they clean their car windscreen wipers if advice from one publication is anything to go by.

According to a piece in the Washington Post, wipers can be "vital" for safe driving so it is important to ensure they are in good condition.

They can be clogged up with tar from the road, grime or dirt, plus changes in the weather or UV rays can also cause issues.

The publication recommended using a "good quality" windscreen cleaner and a wet towel, "then wipe and rinse with plain water".

"If the wipers still don't work well, they should be replaced. Most experts say that wipers should be replaced every six to 12 months, depending on wear and tear," it added.

Drivers might also like to wash their vehicle regularly in order to help avoid rust, according to Ashley Macdonald, writing for North Shore News as this corrosion can be a "car killer".

Routine car checks ‘not being completed’

Friday, March 11th, 2011

People in the UK do not appear to be well versed in the practice of vehicle maintenance, with one industry expert noting that routine checks are not being completed.

Nigel Adams of the Karcher UK Academy explained that 45 per cent of Britons are concerned with road salt damage in winter but do not do anything about the problem, with this attitude towards motors "contributing to the increase in car breakdowns and in-creased loss of car value", the Daily Telegraph reports.

He made this comments as the pressure washer manufacturer released the results of a survey indicating that 30 per cent of people do not even know how to fill their automobiles with fuel or windscreen cleaner.

Furthermore, 53 per cent have never been taught how to carry out basic tasks, while 15 per cent admit they have broken down through failing to carry out rudimentary procedures, such as oil checks.

This comes after found that over a third of Brits have not cleaned their cars in the last month.

Posted by Simone Williams