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New Windscreen Crack Repair Kit From Sealey

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Windscreen Chip & Crack Reapair KitHave you got an annoying crack or chip in your windscreen that you want to get rid of without involving your insurers or calling out a glass repair company? Now you can with the new Windscreen Repair Kit from Sealey.

This new kit contains all you need to repair windscreen cracks up to 15mm long and chips that are anywhere up to 25mm wide.

Claiming to provide an “almost invisible” fix, which to be fair is what may professional repair firms use in their terminology, the kit contains a suction cup device, pressure driver and injection tube for applying the special clear¬†¬†resin.

This resin being designed to penetrate deep inside windscreen chips and cracks. (more…)

Windscreen cleaner ‘can play key role in car maintenance’

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

The new year is the perfect time to carry out some maintenance work on a car, with windscreen cleaner one of the items that could be potentially invaluable.

That is because an article for Canadian Driver magazine notes the importance of the pane of glass when it comes to getting a vehicle in top shape.

Its first tip is to keep viewing areas clear and free of obstructions – something that can be achieved with windscreen cleaner – as many crashes occur because a motorist cannot see.

The publication goes on to recommend keeping headlights, signal indicators and taillights free of dirt.

And when it comes to driving safely, it is worth considering that people should be able to stop their vehicle within the beam of light given off by their headlights. recently suggested it is vital to perform maintenance on a car after a period of heavy snow – such as the one experienced in the UK recently.

Posted by Matt Casson

Car care ‘essential after period of snow’

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Following a period of snow – such as the one recently experienced by the vast majority of the UK – it is wise to care for cars in the appropriate manner. reports the expert opinion is to clean vehicles as soon as possible once the white powder has fallen.

This is primarily because the salt and sand often found in snow poses a significant threat to a motor's wellbeing.

As well as carrying the potential to scratch, chip or damage a car's exterior paintwork, the problems experienced should it get into the engine are tremendous – most notably through the corrosion of parts, the news source notes.

The snow to have fallen on Britain in recent weeks may serve as the perfect opportunity for owners to get their cars in top condition once more. recently advised people to look out for their vehicle's wheels at this time of year, with regular cleaning likely to result in an attractive appearance in the long term.

Posted by Matt Casson

Detailing expert: Do not use sponges during winter

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Drivers need to remove salt and grit from their vehicles to prevent rust building up but it is important to use the correct detailing tools when doing so.

Kevin Wellman, estimator at Dutch Miller Chevrolet Body Shop, told that sponges should definitely be avoided, as they will rub the debris around the car, ruining the finish achieved with car polish and car waxes.

"You don't want to use a sponge. It will scratch the finish quickly," he stated.

While car shampoo is a necessity, Mr Wellman recommended using a hose to spray off the dirt and grit, as this is kinder to the bodywork than a sponge.

Drivers may also want to invest in glass cleaner and anti-freeze to remove ice from the windows, as using inappropriate tools can scratch the glass or even break it.

Harpeet Singh, writing for Blog Mera, said recently that car sealant is a good winter investment, as it provides a further layer of protection against the elements.

Posted by Matt Casson

Wheel wells ‘must be sprayed clean in winter’

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

While drivers are aware of the need to invest in and use alloy wheel cleaners during winter, it is important to note that the wheel wells need to be cleaned as well.

According to, getting car exterior care right in harsh winters is absolutely crucial to the long-term health of the vehicle.

The company stated that the corrosive chemicals used to get rid of snow and ice on the roads can cause significant damage to motors and while car waxes, car shampoo and a car sealant should be used on the body, it is important to take care of the rest of the car as well.

"Spray wheel wells and as much of the undercarriage as possible. Salt and deicing chemicals can attack metal and can cause rust to start from the underside and work its way out to the surface," the firm added.

The Car Care Council recently recommended that drivers wash their vehicles thoroughly every ten days during snowy weather, reported.

Posted by Matt Casson

Car Care Council offers essential winter cleaning advice

Friday, December 24th, 2010

The Car Care Council has listed several steps drivers should take to ensure the grit and salt on the roads does not cause lasting damage to their car's bodywork. reports that the organisation is keen to stress the importance of car exterior care in times of adverse weather, as a lot of the damage it does may be in areas which motorists cannot see.

The most important thing, according to the council, is to wash a vehicle every ten days in times of heavy snow fall and to pay attention to the undercarriage, as corrosion in this area can lead to serious difficulties.

"Mud, salt, rain and snow left on your car can damage its clear finish. And when it's caked on the undercarriage, it can cause rust, especially in older vehicles, and affect how well your car drives," the body said.

Those who still have to buy their loved one's Christmas present could invest in products such as car waxes, car sealant and windscreen cleaner, as these will be useful to motoring enthusiasts with there being so much snow on the roads.

The Press and Journal recently recommended Autoglym products as being of a high quality.

Posted by Matt Casson

Removing wax from a windscreen ‘requires glass cleaner and alcohol’

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Those who take their vehicle to an automatic car wash rather than carrying out car exterior care themselves may find that their windscreen becomes smeared with wax, which requires certain products for it to be removed.

A motorist wrote to John Paul, the car doctor at, complaining of such a thing, stating that even when it is raining the glass looks completely dry.

The expert said that the likely cause is a build up of wax which needs to be removed for the safety of the driver and others on the road.

He recommended investing in a windscreen cleaner and glass cleaner.

"Alcohol should remove the majority of the wax. Once the windshield looks wax-free then clean it again with a good quality commercial window cleaner," Mr Paul advised.

A good glass cleaner to invest in is Stoner Invisible Glass, according to the Auto Almanac at the Windsor Star.

Posted by Matt Casson

Car sealants ‘are easier to apply than other car wax’

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Car sealants 'are easier to apply than other car wax'

When it comes to buying car wax there are two variants which drivers can choose from.

According to, the first thing is for motorists to realise that polish and wax are not the same thing and once they have applied car polish they should then look to finish with car wax or car sealant.

There are two choices of wax which drivers can choose from, with the first being carnauba wax and the second choice car sealants.

The website suggested that the latter is the best option for non-professionals to use.

“Traditional carnauba wax buffs to a deep, glossy luster. Newer synthetic waxes (sometimes called sealers) tend to be easier to apply and last longer,” the source added.

Another car exterior care products drivers may wish to invest in is a clay bar.

According to Marc Howe, writing on Top Cool Cars, clay bars can revitalise a vehicle’s bodywork and remove dirt specks, paint vortexes and other marks which can make a car look old and tired.

Posted by Anne Simpson

Clay bars ‘can revitalise a car’s exterior’

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Clay bars 'can revitalise a car's exterior'

Drivers who want to give their car the ultimate detailing job should invest in clay bars to help get rid of the tell-tale signs of wear and tear to the paint job.

Marc Howe, writing on the Top Cool Cars blog, said that paint vortexes and brake dust can take their toll on a motor’s bodywork and that a clay bar is just the tool for revitalising the vehicle.

Among the car exterior care products drivers will need to invest in are a clay bar and clay lubricant.

“If you want to give [a] new, shiny look to your car, claying would be of great help. It will remove all the contaminants and swirls from the paint and make it look more smooth and shiny,” Mr Howe added.

Going the extra mile with a car’s paint job could see the owner get a second date with a potential partner.

A recent study by found that 40 per cent of people would be put off someone who picked them up in a car which was scruffy and smelt bad.

Posted by James Robson

Dirty car ‘can spoil a first date’

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Dirty car 'can spoil a first date'

It is important to use car leather care, alloy wheel cleaners, tar remover and other car cleaning products before picking someone up for a first date, as a messy motor could kill the romance straight off.

According to survey by, two in five people were put off potential partners by the untidy state of their car, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

More than half said they were unhappy about vehicles which smelled of cigarettes, with other turn offs being unfashionable motors and old bangers.

Jeremy Herbert, head of operations at, told the newspaper that maintaining the interior and exterior of a car will stand drivers in good stead when it comes to romance.

“If your car is smart and clean, then you are more likely to make a good impression and get that all-important second date,” he added.

One way drivers could revamp the exterior of their cars is using car scratch remover, which said recently is a simple product to use.

Posted by Anne Simpson